The Unbearable Lightness of Being Live with Azure

Sergej Kešelj

Nivo: 200
Jezik: Na našem
Dan: 25.11.2020 (Dan 1)
Vreme: 15:15-16:15
Mesto: Room 2

According to Richard Banfield, great products companies have four things in common:

  • Speed to market
  • Agility when faced with change
  • The move to digital business
  • Customer satisfaction

It is almost unbearable how easy it is to go live via Azure!
Let's run though all the steps required to setup and lift your new application to the World, protect it by Azure AD and instrument it via Azure Application Insights.

Sergej Kešelj

Company: ICodeFactory

Sergej Kešelj is the founder and CEO at ICodeFactory where he helps software development teams and fellow Microsoft Certified Trainers to deliver value from vision of investors, partners and innovators to end users of software products. Sergej is Chief Solutions Architect at ICodeFactory and Lead Microsoft Certified Trainer. 

While educating and helping software professionals to get certified Sergej shares his broad experience from real-life enterprise software development projects. He has supported the whole development process of a CeBIT expo award-winning software which is now used by huge international corporations. He does not miss a chance to speak at IT conferences. Some of his work has been published in leading IT magazines.