Azure Arc-enabled servers: The future of a hybrid management

Aleksandar Nikolić

Nivo: 300
Jezik: Na našem
Dan: 01.12.2021 (Dan 1)
Vreme: 16:15-17:15 (CET)
Mesto: Room 4

As hybrid and multi-cloud environments are the future for most of the enterprises, central management and governance are becoming the real challenge. Every organization would like to have a single, scalable management pane for their servers regardless of where they are deployed. Azure Arc-enabled servers allows you to manage machines which are outside of Azure. When a non-Azure machine is connected to Azure, it is treated as a resource in Azure. Join us to learn how to connect non-Azure Windows and Linux machines to Azure Arc, what is a connected machine agent, how to assign Azure Policies and Guest Configurations, and enable monitoring and management of the connected machines with Azure Monitor, Update Management, and Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

Aleksandar Nikolić

Kompanija: M.O.3.A.K. IT Consulting

Aleksandar Nikolić je Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) za Cloud and Datacenter Management i Microsoft Azure, jedan je od osnivača, i community manager portala 17 godina je radio kao sistem administrator. Proteklih 8 godina drži PowerShell i Azure treninge gde god se ukaže prilika. Česti je predavač na raznim IT konferencijama (Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft TechDays, PowerShell Conference Europe...). Možete ga naći na Twitter-u ( i LinkedIn-u (