Introduction to AR with mobile applications

Miladin Radović

Nivo: 300
Jezik: Na našem
Dan: 02.12.2021 (Dan 2)
Vreme: 15:30-16:30 (CET)
Mesto: Room 4

In this session we will make introduction to Augmented Reality, and explain some basic principles of how it works.

Then, we will show how to integrate AR to cross-platform mobile applications (Android and iOS) using Xamarin.Forms.

There will be several demo projects, starting with basic Xamarin.Forms project for running AR, creating basic 3d models and interacting with them, to loading external 3d models (modeled using 3d graphics software like Blender).



Miladin Radović

Kompanija: Awesome7

Has Bachelor degree from School of Electrical Engineering, and 10 years of experience as software developer.

Currently working in company Awesome7, where he is developing Augmented Reality cross-platform mobile applications.