What can you do with Azure Synapse Analytics?

Kal Yella

Nivo: 300
Jezik: English
Dan: 01.12.2021 (Dan 1)
Vreme: 16:15-17:15 (CET)
Mesto: Room 1

Azure Synapse analytics is an Azure analytic solution that enables you implement both modern DataWarehousing and Lakehouse solutions. You can run T-SQL queries over distributed relational tables or over Azure Data Lake, Azure blob storage, Cosmos DB, or DataVerse data. You can also use Spark scripts or pipelines to process data.

In this presentation you will learn how and when to use synapse analytics.

Kal Yella

Kompanija: Microsoft

Kal is a 15 year Microsoft veteran, currently working as a Principal Program Manager for Azure Synapse team. He has been delivering trainings and presentations on Azure Synapse Analytics for many customers and partners across the world.