Identity Protection

Božidar Belić

Nivo: 200
Jezik: Na našem
Dan: 01.12.2021 (Dan 1)
Vreme: 14:15-15:15 (CET)
Mesto: Room 1

Most of Cybersecurity and data breaches comes from some type of identity fraud. In times of remote work, identity protection is your first line of defense and should be the crutial step in your cybersecurity strategy. We will discuss how to:

  • Strengthen your credentials
  • Inplement passwordless strategy
  • Reduce your attack surface
  • Improve and automate threat response
  • Enable self-service and Increase awareness for your organization and users

Božidar Belić

Kompanija: Crayon Srbija

IT Service Director of Crayon Serbia with 12 years of experience in design, development and implementation of enterprise IT infrastructure and strategies with focus on Cloud transformation and migration, Data Protection and Software Asset Management.