Create Mixed Reality App with Microsoft PowerApps in less then 30 minutes  

If you are thrilled about mixed reality (MR) applications and would like to write one of your own even you are not a hard-core developer, join this session to learn how you can do it by using the Microsoft PowerApps platform for low code/no-code solutions. You will learn how to create a demo application that allows users to view 3D models on a mobile device by using PowerApps mixed reality components in a little bit more than half an hour. We will explain how this scenario is using AI, cognitive services and we will show how to create an online data source, populate data and connect Power App to it in a secure way and what options are there to store non-structural data like pictures and other files.

Mixed Reality and HoloLens  Power Automate  Microsoft 365 Business  Microsoft 365 Enterprise  

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Adriatic, 07.12.2022. 11:40 - 12:40