Buy Zero Trust - a few kilos of it  

Recently, we have started hearing about Zero Trust - a product that is new and revolutionary in terms of protecting the environment.
Well, sorry to break the party, but Zero Trust is not a product, you can't buy it and implement it and you can't pay for it per user per month.
Zero Trust is a concept of having control of who does what, from where, from what - always and continuously.
Instead of the traditional approach - authenticate once and you are allowed to do whatever you want, and you need to use VPN for secure access, Zero Trust brings dynamic and threat-based evaluation system that dynamically assesses activities, users, devices, application, data and so on.
So, let's dig-in into components needed and optional in Zero Trust framework, define how and where to start into this journey and why you don't need any more VPN.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud  Azure Active Directory (AD)  Microsoft Security  

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