Elevating case management process with low code (Power BI, Customer Voice and realtime marketing)  

The lecture will tackle the question of improving user experience when dealing with customer complaints and benefiting from using Customer Voice with other Power Platform elements and low code tools to improve current business processes.
The demo will be about using Customer Voice, realtime marketing feature and Power BI in case management process to improve customer experience. 
At the moment when the average answer to a certain question of the Customer Voice survey falls below the set threshold in general, the already prepared automatic record case creation process will be activated. 
Report of answers will be presented in a structured Power BI so that users get an insight into how close they are to the new escalation process. Also, as an additional layer of user interaction, Dynamics 365 realtime marketing will be used to trigger personalized email messages.

Power Apps  Power Platform  Power Automate  Dynamics 365  Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement  

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Aegean, 07.12.2022. 16:20 - 17:20