5 Reasons You Need Data Protection for Your Microsoft Workloads  

5 Reasons You Need Data Protection for Your Microsoft Workloads

According to a recent study, 76% of organizations experienced downtime due to data loss in 2021[1]. Accidental deletions, outages, and cyberattacks can still happen in the cloud—without data protection, you run the risk of data loss, downtime, or even paying costly ransoms.


Now more than ever, you need to be able to easily protect and recover your critical Microsoft workloads in Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365.


Join HYCU’s session to learn about the shared responsibility model and why it’s just as important to protect your Microsoft workloads running in the cloud as it is to protect your on-premises environment. This session includes a demonstration of HYCU’s native, purpose-built backup and recovery solutions for Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365, which will highlight topics like:

·        How modern data protection solutions help organizations protect data under the shared responsibility model and streamline the complexity of using legacy solutions

·        Simplifying disaster recovery and minimizing secondary site CapEx with seamless failover to Azure

·        Accelerating your move to the cloud with simple, risk-free migrations

·        The importance of native integrations with Azure’s snapshots, Azure AD, resource tagging, blob storage tiers, and dynamic scale


1 https://www.intelligentciso.com/2022/04/11/how-important-is-effective-backup-for-ensuring-data-security


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